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Quality Laptop Repairs

Your laptop got broken or facing a BSOD (blue screen of death)? We offer you the best service for screen repairs, overheating solutions, fan issues, hardware problems and any other kind of hardware related problems at a very nominal price. Our skilled technicians will get your job done.

Superior Desktop Repairs

Your PC or Motherboard got damaged due to Thunderstorm or over-voltage issues. Our well-skilled technicians will inspect the overall damage done to your PC & will give you the rough estimates of repairing it.

Damaged Screen Replacement

Laptop screen damaged due to Liquid Spills, Rugged Handling, Intense Weight, Manual Shooking, Moisture, Overheating, Poor Interconnection, etc. Our techincians will give the rough estimates after the inspection of overall damage done to your screen.

Laptop Hinge Repairs & Replacements

Laptop hinge got broken? You're not the only one facing this issue. This issue is very common among laptops. Due to rough handling or improper folding, laptop hinges breaks down easily. Here, at Millenium Sound our skilled technicians will solve your issue asap.

Battery Repair & Replacement Solutions

Facing huge battery drain? Most batteries after a span of time loose its holding capacity, only solution for this is to replace the battery with the new one & get back to work. Our well-skilled technicians will get the battery replacement job done in shot span of time.

Laptop Adapters Repair & Replacements

Laptop adapters damaged due to Over-Voltage or Thunderstorm. Our technicians will get the laptop charger repaired or replaced within a small span of time.

Motherboards Repair & Replacements

Are there any sudden power outages or power issues in your area because in most of cases, motherboard getting damaged is mostly due to power fluctuations. There might be a possibility that CPU and other components attached directly to the motherboard could be damaged as well.

Operating System Solutions

Facing random lags & slow computer operations. There's a high chance that your operating system is not up to date & drivers are not updated. Crashed computer is much worse than slow computer. Don't risk your important files & data, keep your OS up to date for 1 year at absolutely no cost when you buy a laptop from us.

Data Recovery Solutions

HDD corrupted or can't be accessed because disk wasn't unplugged properly and now your valuable data is at risk. That's a bizzare situation, and we understand value of your data. Our data recovery team will get your data recovered in no time.
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Gaming Laptops

Get the latest flagship series Gaming Laptops including offerings by ASUS India i.e. Republic of Gamers, TUF Series, Zenbooks & Ultrabooks.

Graphic Cards

Gaming & E-Sports Industry now offers some great career opportunities & Millenium Sound truly supports the spirit of Indian Gamers.

CPU's, RAM's & Motherboard

Are you a nerd & are planning to build a Custom PC. But still not sure to import that freaking expensive motherboard & other expensive peripherals. Contact Us, We'll surely help you out.

Premium Cabinets

Wanna flex with premium glass-designed computer cabinets. Get custom crafted computer cases with RGB fans Built-in offered by world class manufacturers including Corsair, Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Nzxt & Circle.

Custom Workstation PC Build

We believe that computers should be owned & built by your own needs. Content creation is one of the biggest leading industry where computers play an important role to comply with standards of Video Editing, Software Development, Application Development & Rendering fields.

NVMe SSD's & Storage Solutions

Your software is not running upto the standards of your current build. Well, most probably the reason might be your old Hard Drive. Get the best storage solution offered by Samsung, WD, Seagate, Transcend & Crucial for your home computer or network storage solutions only at Millenium Sound, Udaipur.

High-Refresh Rate Monitors

Are you still using that 60hz low refresh rate monitor. Most of us don't feel the need of getting a high refresh rate monitors as regular monitors quiet work well for day-to-day usages. But, we know you're a nerd & you'll need that 120hz or 144hz for breathtaking gaming vibes & smooth displays for buttery smooth animations.

Custom Cooling Solutions

Custom Cooling Solutions are now a need for Workstation PC & high-end gaming desktops. Don't let your overheated PC bottleneck the performance of high-end GPU & CPU. We offer the best liquid cooling solutions offered by Corsair, Noctua, & Deepcool.

Gaming Accessories

We Offer High-Tech Gaming Accessories Including Gaming Keyboards, Gaming Mouse, Gaming Headphones, Gaming Consoles & Gaming Mousepads Offered By Logitech, Corsair, Hyper-X, Razer, Xbox & Play Station Only At Millenium Sound, Udaipur.